What working at Connaught Windows Ltd means to me: The Family

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What working at Connaught Windows Ltd means to me: Natalie Witczak, Business Manager.

When I joined the business in June 1999 following my marriage to Robbie, I was nervous to change my profession from a Business Travel background to working in an industry that I knew nothing about.  Joining the family business was a scary prospect for me as I knew that there would be high expectations and I did not want to fail.    

Over the years since joining the company, we added to our family and in 2002 I gave birth to my son which made for a very challenging time as I continued to work full time, but I am blessed with having a child that grew up in the industry and understood that we work hard.  He became a part of the business after leaving School for a short while before following his dreams and joining the Navy.

In August 2021 my twin sister joined me in the business, she has been a great support to me throughout my career at Connaught Windows and understood my drive to succeed.  We both have been brought up to work to a high standard, we really didn’t get given a choice by having a father in the Military.   

We have very strong family values and testament to this was when my oldest nephew asked for the opportunity to join us in the family business in March 2022, he was then followed by my youngest nephew in November 2023. 

I have been very blessed to work with my family (if I didn’t, I probably would never have seen any of them and that includes my husband as he works all hours).  I have gotten to know our employees really well over the years and they are an extended family to me.  

What working at Connaught Windows Ltd means to me: Clare Warren

What can I say, I am fortunate to have joined the family business in August 2021.  This was a totally different avenue of work for me, they have completely taken me under their wing and made me part of the team, not only am I lucky to work here, but they are also my family. 

I am very lucky to have gone through the Covid-19 pandemic with the opportunity to change my career from hairdressing to working in an office environment, which I have to say was very daunting, but a new chapter in my life.  How lucky am I to be with the people that have supported me and nurtured me throughout some very difficult times.  

What working at Connaught Windows means to me: Robbie Witczak, General Manager

I started working with my brother when he was launching a brand-new adventure in manufacturing uPVC windows, prior to this we were a fitting team and only installed. 

I consider myself lucky to help build and create the business as it is today, but it was a risk worth taking as we trusted in each other.

I have been inspired throughout the thirty years of trading for the drive and determination to make a success of the family business and I would not change anything.

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